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The vision of our NGO in Missouri is to elevate education and learning as the foundation of all aspects of human development and world progress. Specifically, our ultimate goal of Charity online donation or donation to education is to ensure quality education is available to all children.Because education is essential to the development of people and societies.The child is at the centre of our model. In order to grow, learn, and develop to their full potential, education is a must. Finally,our charity in education recognizes the need to innovate the systems that influence learning experiences, focusing closely on quality and equitable opportunities.

There is a direct proportion between the progress rate of a country and the state of education in it. Basic education is right for all young children; despite that a large number of children even in urban areas never set foot in a school. It is a tough choice for the poor to choose between education and other survival aids. The choice becomes obvious when instead of sending a young child to school; he or she is sent to look for employment to lend a helping hand to the family. In addition to this, there are many infrastructural hurdles faced by children. There is a major deficit in the number of schools run by our government. Because of this, many children who want to go to school drop out of the school sometime.That is why there is a need for charity in education.

The role of NGO in Missouri / ngo in us and charity in education becomes extremely crucial in such a scenario. NGO in Missouri / ngo in us and charity in education trusts not only take independent initiatives but also ensure justified distribution of resources in association with the government. In addition to provision of resources, an NGOs in education or a charity in education can also help in pushing the cause of children’s Education by giving them motivation, sense of purpose and earning their trust.

Why Donate Us

We all know that education is the backbone in todays’ life. Seeing the political instability of the Democratic Republic of Congo, particularly in the eastern part, most families have lost all what they had to support their children’s education and thus had become unable to afford the basic needs of their children including education.That is why donation to education or Charity online donation is must. In this context,our NGOs in education, FOWAD is relent to providing assistance such as school fees, uniforms, tennis shoes, socks and school supplies including backpacks, notebooks, pencils, clipboards, pens, erasers, rulers, sharpeners, crayons, highlighters, binders, folders and sticky notes. This assistance is basically a donation to education Charity online donation, focused on the children in the Demographic Republic of the Congo in the province of Fizi.

Keeping in mind various roadblocks and setbacks that are faced by children from impoverished homes we take up donation to education / Charity online donation programmes to ensure that they are equipped with basic learning and Education. All the resources in the form of time and things that generous souls donate to us are put to extremely good use by our NGOs in education . Our NGO believes that anyone can do charity in education. It goes to prove that for righteous intentions, age is no bar. We want to touch as many young minds as we can by donating to education and we will be more than happy if you would want to join us or do donation to education / Charity online donation to us. We sincerely believe in spreading positivity and joy as much as we can.

  • Constructing libraries, classrooms and schools to ensure easier access to education for village children
  • We believe schools and colleges, appropriately organised, can help virtually all students master the knowledge they need to succeed.
  • We believe long-standing gaps in opportunity, achievement, and attainment have roots inside and outside of schools. And though we know these gaps are stubborn, we also know they are not inevitable.
  • We believe a strong education improves the lives. When you donate for such children through our NGO in Missouri / ngo in us, you are bringing them out of danger and giving them a protected environment to live with all the basic necessities and have a fair shot in life.
  • We will also send you the details of your beneficiary along with an annual report about their educational progress. If you want to meet the child in person, we can arrange a visit for you to get first-hand feedback on the change your donation has brought to the child’s life.
  • Make a donation to an NGOs in education to support our ‘operation education’. You can also make a donation online. These Charity online donation can change and benefit generations for life

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